New England Athletic is a sales agency dedicated to serving all of your equipment needs in the pursuit of athletic excellence.  As enthusiasts we use the lines we represent, and we represent the lines we use because that’s what we want to use.  We’re gear snobs and proud of it.  We figure that if it’s a product that we want, then it’s probably a product that you want too.  We ask ourselves that question every time a vendor asks us to represent their line... and we say “no” a lot more than we say “yes”.  Whether it’s rolling down to the burrito joint on the first warm day of Spring, long hours in the saddle on a hot Summer day, muddy cross racing in the Fall or running through the sleet and slush of a New England Winter...  we just want the most stylish, competitive product available, and that’s what we like to sell.  All of our lines are for people who have a refined taste in athletic equipment, just like us!  And like most people, we don’t have whole a lot of time to get out and play, so when we do, we want it to be the best experience it can possibly be.  Heritage, fashion and lifestyle are just as important to us as quality, performance and cutting edge technology, and that’s why we represent the lines we represent.

We also happen to have a ton of experience in the sporting goods and cycling industries as salespeople on the front line, buyers in the back room, mechanics in the neutral support car and everything in between.  Needless to say, we’ve been around the industry for a long time and we know how a dealer wants to be treated: the exact same way that we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.. because at some point in the last fifteen years, we were!

We’re lifelong enthusiasts who happen to have the best job in the world.  We’re striving to be the best athletic sales agency in our region and we’ll be serving the dealers of New England for long time to come.